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Association for art and culture „Ortosiya” presents
„How to write with our body” with Iva Popova

  Iva Popova – journalist, autor, actress. Secretary of House of culture “Self education”, Bachevo. Chairman of “Ortosiya”.

She graduates Bachelor degree of Journalism in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. At the same time she is totally inspired by the alternative theater and she starts to discover it in the University theater “Alma Alter”. But this is not enough and Iva goes to Wroclaw, Poland, where she studies one semester in Wroclaw University. In Wroclaw she starts initiatives with Grotowski Institute. Iva becomes an assistant of the polish actress Rena Mirecka – the right hand of the polish director Jerzy Grotowski. After 3 years stay in Poland, Iva comes back to Bulgaria. In 2015 she graduates a Master degree of Cultural management and visual communications in South West University, Blagoevgrad.

What actually takes back Iva to her village is the idea to create an association , which can be a platform of keeping the local traditions with the contemporary forms of art.

That’s how Ortosiya works with folklore elements and rituals, presented in a proper and adequate way to the young audience. What about theater? It is the way to make communication between people better and more effective. More information can be found on the website:


Rena Mirecka – (1934) the actress, who is engaged to start work in the theater of 13 Rows in 1959 in Opole, Poland. She stays there till its end in 1984. Rena becomes the right hand of Jerzy Grotowski and she is responsible for the physical training of the actors in the troupe. Rena takes a part in all the spectacles of the troupe inbetween the most famous are: “Acropolis”, “The Constant Prince” and “Apocalypsis Cum Figuris” . Based on that experience Rena starts leading different kind of practices all over the world. In 2009 Maciej Stawinski makes a documentary, named “The Dream”. It is dedicated to Rena Mirecka’s practice in the frame of Laboratory for Paratheatrical Researches in Brzezinka, Poland. More information on the following link:

Today Rena is 81 years old, still searching , because if she stops, that means that she will stop breathing.

To Rena the word “searching” has a specific meaning. After the official breaking of the troupe of Grotowski, Rena takes a new way of her life. She starts leading a different types of theater workshops with different names. The last name that she uses for her workshops is KarawanaSun – The School of Rena Mirecka”.

The most precious thing that she can do is to find something interesting in every person she works with and to provoke it in her work.

Why practice for the body?

This practice will allow us to develop our personal researches in the field of art and the work with body and voice. We have the possibility to discover the potential that is hidden inside us and to share it with the others. We’ll work with our own energy, which will allow us to get to know the unknown. The reality is that today people communicate very artificially, because we have forgotten about ourselves and our bodies. I do believe that every person, who work with his body and voice can be very successful in his daily life. With “Body Alphabet” You will feel the ease and ethereality of the communication. Then You can see the new horizons. As Grotowski has been confirmed - the body is first, then comes the voice. The voice is natural continuation of the body. And we are the continuation of our actions. Our task is to present ourselves . Welcome to practice with us!






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