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This is a unique folklore spectacle, which discover secrets and mystery legends from the village of Bachevo – situated among three mountains. This fact is like a great sign, because each mountain has left some trails in the culture of the local people. The idea of the performance is to share the magic of the most beautiful places of Bachevo. We make some authentique rituals, we pass through the legends with dances and songs.


We are looking for the “alive water” in the meaning of the last alive thing in our traditions, which has survived in the years. That’s why the alive water is not only this one that comes from the spring, but also this that comes from the memories of the people. The name of  Rila mountain means “ water mountain”. This is the reason that water is so important element in here. There are more than 20 springs around Bachevo village, which keep the memories of our grandparents.


The magic of the water becomes even stronger with the dances of the feries – magical creatures , who make the Earth and Sky to be silent. The alive water is the rain, that we are praying for. The strength of the pray gives new life to the community. The spectacle is about 50 - 60 minutes long. All the music is alive and it can be performed in English.


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10 December 2015
Today shone at the Christmas tree in NS "Samoobrazovanie 1928" with. Bachevo....
09 December 2015
On December 9 is honored conception of St. Anne - the mother of Mary....