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Association for art and culture “Ortosiya” is located in Bachevo village, but its idea is to travel all over the world.

Our team includes 5 people and each of us has his intentions and dreams to the change. The main idea of the association is to enrich the traditions in this region using contemporary methods of art.

In August 2013 we made a theater performance over the ritual Vai Gugu. This is an old pray for rain or the way old people have been calling the rain in the past. In the statute of the association are indicated the following purposes:


1.Spread and promote the cultural heritage of the region through different kinds of art;

2.Development and improvement of spiritual values;

3. Help and support people with disabilities, people with special needs and poor people;

4. Organization and participation in national and intercultural forums and seminars, connected with the activities of the association;


5. Creating conditions for developing high quality of touristic services, organizing festivals and folklore events;


6. Preparation of high qualified people in the field of arts and culture;

7.Support the social integration and personal realization of the people;

8. Defense of the human rights and the environment;

9.Participating in programs in order to apply for financial support;

10. Facilitation of initiatives in the field if business, social services, education, social and ethnical integration, healthcare, environmental care , tourism, sport, arts;

11. Promotion and providing of free exchange of information and ideas with similar activities;

12.Provide additional financial and material resources to achieve the objectives;

13. Support construction and maintenance of facilities and equipment;

14. Supporting the establishment and implementation of educational programs;

15. To encourage cooperation between municipalities, NGOs and the business community for sustainable local development;

16.To encourage the establishment of business contacts and exchange of experience with the existing public funds, social enterprises and social service providers.








10 December 2015
Today shone at the Christmas tree in NS "Samoobrazovanie 1928" with. Bachevo....
09 December 2015
On December 9 is honored conception of St. Anne - the mother of Mary....