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Йога и жизнерадост



In tune with the special energy released at this time of the year, we will reconnect to and awaken our inner sensuality through yoga, breathing and visualisation exercises.
Through guided practices, based on techniques from the ancient practices of tantra, we will have the possibility to come home to our deepest resources.
We will be able to nurture aspects of ourselves that may have been neglected and you will learn how to heal, nourish, transform and build your vital energy.

Please bring…

- refillable water bottle
- meditation cushion
- a journal and pens
- a comfortable and warm blanket
- comfortable clothes
- an object that means something to you for the altar
- something natural from the earth (flower, berry, pinecone, soil, a stone, ….) for the altar

Price Lv. 25.—
Place: Pirin Golf Hotel & SPA

Selina Gullery has been practicing and teaching for nearly 20 years. She draws upon teachings both from ancient traditions of the east and modern interpretations thereof.
She travels internationally to teach workshops and retreats from her home base in Sofia. More on Selina here: www.selinayoga.net


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